A celebration of our dedicated OSA community members.

Artwork can be purchased online or in the OSA Gallery (2185 SW Park Place, Portland, OR). Prices do not include shipping and handling. The OSA Gallery is open Monday - Saturday, 1-4pm. Questions? Please call 503-228-0706 or email us at info@ostartists.org.

Select from the following instructor categories (you will find instructor artwork as well as their students artwork):

OSA Volunteers

Veteran Art Program

Art After School

Dorothy Fitzgerald

Scott Gellatly

Anji Grainger

Jef Gunn

Wayne Jiang

Steve Kleier

Joanne Kollman

Greg Lewis

Gage Mace

Elaine Pawski

Randall Vemer

Harold Walkup

Cover image: "The Conversation" by Michael Pickrell


OSA Volunteers


Veteran Art Program

Mondays 10am - 12pm with in-studio instructors, Steve Kleier, Greg Lewis, Nicole Poole, and Randall Vemer
and Tuesdays 6 - 8pm Online with instructor, Nathan Seay