Lorraine Bushek

Lorraine Bushek

GMO: Glass, Metal, Organic




Award Winner: Honorable Mention

Juror's notes: So many things about this painting impressed me! First, the subject matter! Who would have guessed that a light bulb and acorns could be so compelling! The composition alone is a master class on shapes:  the sizes of the negative spaces, the placement of the lightbulb, the overlapping shapes, the different sizes, positions and spacing of the acorns – all are perfect. But it was the beautiful and varied edge quality that kept me coming back. The softened, round edge of the lightbulb set against the hard, crisp edges of the metal cap and acorns – these things entertained me over and over again. Well done!


    Oregon Society of Artists

    (503) 228-0706

    2185 SW Park Pl, Portland, OR 97205, USA

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