Liz Walker

Liz Walker

Keeping Secrets #2

Acrylic collage



Award Winner: Second Place

Juror's notes: I was drawn to this painting because of its negative shapes first, then its subject matter and the story they were telling, or that I imagined they were telling. As to the shapes - there are just three negative shapes, all different sizes and perfectly placed. This is no easy task within a square composition! Now to the story - we artists are story tellers and it’s our design decisions that help us tell our stories. Writers use words to describe and artists use certain types of color, edges, values, textures and line to express. This artist has chosen a neutral gray color, which feels contemplative and with a sense of history. The figures are overlapping, which creates a relationship between them. Can you feel a story developing? When we allow our viewers to create their own story, they become invested in the painting. This painting invited me in and I began to participate in its place and time.


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