Joanne Kollman

Joanne Kollman

Autumn Dance




Award winner: First Place

Juror's Notes: A masterful touch! The artist who created this painting did so with full knowledge of all the tools in her toolbox! Composition came first, with engaging shapes of all sizes and different distances apart. The shapes are overlapping in just the right places and the division of overall spaces is perfect. The use of a complementary color scheme exhibits a wealth of knowledge about mixing color to create neutralized colors and this lends harmony throughout the work. The use of line to lead our eye to the focal area is used throughout the painting: the “line of apples”, the back horizontal line and the twigs and leaves, all subtly bring us to the vase. There’s a full range of values represented and I can feel the hand of the artist in the brushwork left under worked. None of these factors were accidental. I respect the artist’s knowledge and I commend her for creating a master piece!


    Oregon Society of Artists

    (503) 228-0706

    2185 SW Park Pl, Portland, OR 97205, USA

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