Jane Wolfsehr

Jane Wolfsehr

Portlandia, Our Hope





Juror's notes: The plaque beneath Portland’s Portlandia statue reads in part: “We take that stillness into ourselves, and somewhere deep in the earth our breath becomes her city. If she could speak this is what she would say: Follow that breath. Home is the journey we make.” Between the protest unrest this summer and the forest fire smoke, being able to breath has been at the top of mind for many Portlanders. The promise of Portlandia that “home is the journey we make” by following our breath reminds us that home isn’t a place, it’s a journey. This image does a great job of reminding us of that promise. The wide angle point-of-view amplifies Portlandia’s gesture as she reaches down to help us find our way home and the colorcast reminds us that it isn’t always easy to breath but we must continue to do so.


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