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Doug Rundle

Doug Rundle

Tree Trunk in River Current

20" x 16"

Award: Best In Show 


Juror's Note: This is a common subject among photographers, using a slow shutter speed of watercascading over rocks or logs. Google “how to photograph moving water” results in more than 49 million hits. But this image stands out for the strong composition, variety of textures and contrasting colors. The solid vertical of the tree trunk supports a cap of roots, a myriad of visual activity. It reminded me of the little figures in a Hieronymus Bosch painting. The water at the top rushes in powerful texture of vertical lines crashing onto the roots. Then the water almost turns to mist wrapping around the trunk. The warm colors of the stalwart tree contrast with the cold blues of the water. While I could analyze the image in minute detail, overall it surprised me in a crowded genre.

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