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Don Jacobson

Don Jacobson

Turkey Tails

20" x 16"

Award: First Place 


Juror's Note: When a photographer calls his image of fungus on bark Turkey Tails, that surely must reveal something. Regardless, this image flew at me. The strong placement of subject in the composition and richness of color really make this photograph stand out. The color reminded me a bit of Elliot Porter’s fall tree landscapes, rich lines with a hundred rainbows of subtle color. Even the arching shapes were like rainbows, or turkey tails. The bark texture background is rich with green growth and texture, yet carefully subdued enough not to distract. Nicely printed. While the presentation is elegant, the whole thing has a rough texture hint to it, fitting for the subject. Millions of colors presented in a wonderful composition. And all of this in a fungus. I knew what it was right away, but the presentation made me want to go out into the woods to look again at fungus.

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