Angela Grainger

Angela Grainger

Blue Ridge Trees

Mixed media



Award Winner: Third Place

Juror's notes: This painting is all about the power of shapes! I see negative shapes first, and in this painting the negative shapes are what make it a winner! Those smallest of white shapes command the most attention! They’re all different sizes and shapes, with no two that are alike. There are even the tiniest of white baby shapes that break up the trunks of the trees, adding to the power of the work. The sizes of the positive shapes are compelling as well, with one largest shape in the bottom portion of the painting and a middle sized shape at the top – both broken up by the white shapes between. You might think this is over simplifying a painting that also shows a maturity in its color palette, a wide range of values, and beautiful textures. Those things were the icing on the cake for me, but it was the shapes that took the cake


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